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Welcome to MkI MR2.  This is a site dedicated to one of the best sports cars ever manufactured, the first generation Toyota MR2.  If you aren't familiar with the MR2, check out some of the pictures available on this site, or visit some of the other linked sites.

To provide a small background, the MkI MR2 is a two-seater, mid-engined sports car.  The engine rests behind the passenger compartment, in front of the rear wheels.  The vehicle is rear wheel drive, is fairly quick, and with a few relatively inexpensive modifications, handles better than nearly every other car on the road.  (See the Ferrari Comparison page).  Stock, the normally aspirated Mr2 has just over 100 hp, and a supercharged MR2 has around 135 hp.

This site contains some of the work that myself and friends have done to our MR2's. 


The site is new, up, and running.  Give me time to make it better.  I just wanted to get the pictures of my recently completed 88 SC up.  More info on that car on the 1988 SC page.

We (myself, Carl Crawford, and Ed Farwell) went to the Chicago July 21'st MR2 meet.  It was a blast!  It was the first major trip the SC has seen (its now got all of 600 miles on the engine!)  There was a good turnout of both MkI's and MkII's.  We drove up Lakeshore was pretty impressive.

Carl got a smaller pulley for his 3.8 L Supercharged V6 MkI.  If it wasn't fast enough before, its gotta be now!  (He can hit the speed limiter on an do the math)

Ed Farwell resurrected a CLEAN 86 N/A from the grave.  He found the car with no clutch and some minor front end damage....But NO rust to speak of.  3 weeks of Carl Crawford treatment and its on the road.

Upcoming Events

-August 18th or August 25th:  Indianapolis MR2 meet.  Contact Armando at

Sept. 25th?:  Champaign, Illinois meet!  Don't have to travel far for that one.


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